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Youths Corner


A Hard Day

We all know about God's son Jesus. We know he is the Messiah, the chosen one and the one to save us all from our sins. We know Jesus is the fleshly part of the Godhead (Father, Spirit & Son). We know that he walked the earth as a man. We know that he died a sinless man. But what we fail to realize sometimes is that he is like you and me. In Matthew 4:1-11 Jesus was tempted in the wilderness three times. All of which the devil was trying to take advantage of God's power. Even as Jesus was starving in the wilderness that day being tempted by Satan he still did not use God's power to save himself. As Jesus walked the earth as a man he truly lived as a man. Jesus is our ultimate example! A lot of the time we use this world as an excuse for not living the way we should. But Jesus did this life. He has been through the torment of this world and the sacrifice you have to make to be live for God. He out of everyone knows how hard this life is. He knows what you must give up and what you must endure living for God. Although it isn't easy it IS possible. It was Jesus' unending love for His Father that pushed Him to live this life.

*So if you're having a hard day as a Christian and it seems like you are drowning in trials and temptations of this life remember Jesus! Remember his life and what he's endured. Remind yourself daily that this life is possible to live!